Tenant Application Services

Tenant Application Services

Our Step by Step Process from Booking the initial viewing appointment to starting your New Tenancy.


Tenant Viewings

To view any of our properties advertised on our website or any of the websites we use to advertise. Please ensure you contact us via email or telephone to book an appointment to view the property of your choice.

We will then give you instructions of a Tenant Viewings appointment.

Also we will confirm whether BNR Property Services will be conducting the viewing or the Landlord directly meeting you at the property to proceed with Tenant Viewings.


Viewing Appointments

Instructions will be given in reference to the viewings procedure for the properties you are interested in making a viewing appointment.

Some of our Landlords advertise the property with us and conduct their own viewing. If this is the case your contact details will be forwarded to the Landlord who will contact you directly to arrange an appointment or if the landlord has instructed us to make the appointment for them we will gladly complete this.

Properties that are fully managed by BNR Property Services, you will be asked to meet us at the front of the property to be shown round at a convenient time and date that suits you.  Please wait outside the property where a member of staff will be waiting for you.

Tenant Viewings will be completed within 20 minutes of the appointment time arranged.  Please make sure you are there on time!


Tenant Application Process




So you don’t miss out if you wish to proceed after viewing the property of your choice, please contact BnR Property Services as soon as possible. We do not want any of our customers disappointed.  Properties advertised with us let very quickly.

Please view the next steps of the Tenant Application process to proceed:

Firstly you will need to pay an application fee, upon receipt of the application fee the property will be withdrawn from being advertised. Also this will enable us to carry out referencing checks and prepare the legal documentation required.

The application fee will hold the property for 72 hours without the application pack being completed. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours of the application fee being paid please contact the office immediately.

Please ensure all referees have been advised they will be contacted by us to speed up the application process. After 72 hours if the information requested as not been received the property will be remarketed on our website.

You will need to provide 2 copies of proof of residency this can be:

  •  A Utility Bill
  •  Bank Statement
  •  TV License

**If you are not found on the voters roll a possible three years of proof of residence may be required


The Application Fee:

One Applicant: £150.00 +VAT   Total £180.00
Two Applicants £250.00 +VAT Total £300.00
Price per additional Applicant: £50.00 + VAT  Total £60.00
Guarantor £50.00 + VAT  Total £60.00


The Application Fee is to be paid in full and is non-refundable.
  • You will not receive a refund if you change your mind
  • Fail to complete the application within the time stated above
  • If the Landlord withdraws the property a refund will be given minus the referencing fee if in process
  • If you do have a CCJ or any bad credit history you will need to advise us of this at the start of the application process.


Tenants: Checking and Referencing Criteria

Please ensure you have completed the application form and provided 2 copies of proof of residency , this can be a utility bill, bank statement or TV Licence. These must be dated within the last three months from the application date. If you are not registered on the voters roll we may need up to three years of proof.


Criteria Details


An Employment reference will be gained from your most recent employer provided on the application form. Please ensure you have informed your employer we will be contacting them to speed up the process. If your employer fails to provide a reference you may be required to provide three months wage slips or 1 months weekly wages slips which ever is relevant.


Self Employed

3 years of your profit and loss accounts will be required. If you are unable to produce this a Guarantor will be required


Joint Application

Married Couples will only be counted for a joint application, maiden name will need to be supplied. Both applicants will need to complete the application form and all employers will be contacted.


Retired/Additional Income

Proof of Pension, 3 monthly pay advices or 3 months bank statements will be required.



Must have a Guarantor.



If in the UK for more than 6 months proof of residency will be required with a contract of employment or proof of employment from your Personnel Department. If under 6 months, a copy of your passport and work permit will be required.


Housing Benefit

Must have pre tenancy determination and a Guarantor.



  •  Must be resident in the UK
  •  Have a good credit history (NO CCJ’s)
  •  Have a sufficient monthly income
  •  Provide 3 monthly wage slips or 3 months bank statements if no response is received from the employer

TR Tenancy Aplication Form
Guarantor Requirements Form
Consent Declaration Declaration Form
RG Company Application Form

Please ensure the application form is completed in full, so this does not delay the application process, with our Tenant Reference Checks. BNR Property Services cannot be held responsible for any incomplete forms received. Please ensure Application Forms are answered correctly to the best of your knowledge.


Once you have passed the tenant reference checks made, a date will be agreed with you to sign the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, collect the keys and pay. Any amendments to this date would need to be agreed with the Landlord. This could incur an additional administration charge and the property would be re-advertised.



The balance of any money due is to be paid upon signing the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and before the keys are signed for. Funds must be cleared and paid by either debit card, cash or bankers draft. If payment by card is used a 3.3% charge will be made.


Tenants Deposits

It is common for landlords to take a dilapidation deposit from a tenant at the start of the tenancy. The deposit acts as a safeguard should the tenant cause any damage to the property.

The tenant pays over the tenant deposits (commonly one month’s rent) in the usual way when the tenancy agreement is signed. The Landlord or Managing Agent has 14 days from receipt of the deposit to provide the tenant with details of the scheme that they are using.  If the Landlord is just using our advertising services they will provide you with the Tenant deposits scheme they are using.

We use www.depositprotection.com – If there is no dispute at the end of the tenancy the tenant deposits will be returned to the parties as agreed. If a dispute has arisen then the parties will be invited to make use of the alternative dispute resolution process that is provided free within the scheme. Should the parties opt for alternative dispute resolution they will be bound by its decision with no redress to the courts.

If BNR Property Services have taken the deposit, The Deposit Protection scheme will contact the tenant with their own access and ID for the end of the tenancy, we will not have a copy of this information or ID so you will need to contact the Deposit Protection Scheme directly for this or any queries with your deposits being held.


Tenants: Signing Tenancy Agreements

Do not sign the tenancy agreement unless you are absolutely certain you want to rent the property, the contract is a legally binding document.


Do’s and Dont’s

You will not normally be entitled to any ‘cooling off’ period, and the Landlord may not be prepared to cancel the agreement if you change your mind, after signing the tenancy agreements.

For example you do not have the right:

  • To get out of the agreement if you find that the property is not as nice as you thought it was.
  • Because something important to you is not provided.

It is up to you to ask all the relevant questions before signing Tenancy Agreements. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed or pressured into signing against your better judgement, and before you have fully thought it through.

Be very careful who you share the property with, particularly if you are all signing the tenancy agreements – by doing this you are making yourself liable for their share of the rent as well as your own, and also for the cost of any damage which they may do to the property. You should only sign a tenancy agreement with people you can trust.  Remember these points when signing Tenancy Agreements.

Ensure you have a written contract, this is usually referred to as a AST – Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement. This AST awards you the tenant to occupancy the property from a date to a date, this is usually a 6 -12 month contractual term.