Renewal End Of Tenancy

Renewal and End of Tenancy Procedures

(amended 1st October 2015 to comply with new legislation, tenancies started before the 1st October conform to the regulations before 1st October 2015 with the notice to quit)

If you are looking to take out a further shorthold Tenancy Agreement to the property you are letting or renew the Tenancy you hold to your property.

We ask the Landlord for agreement to confirm the property is for let 4 months before your Tenancy expiry date.

We then write to the Tenant, the Tenant must advise us 2 months before the Tenancy expiry date if they are leaving or wish to stay on.  If the Tenant does not wish to stay on at the property with consent of the Landlord the property is re-advertised to let.

If the property is not available to renew the Tenancy we will notify the tenant 4 months before the expiry date of the Tenancy with a notice to quit.


The Tenancy Renewal Fee per Tenant is £72.00 including VAT

Once the payment is received:

  • A new Tenancy Agreement will be sent out to you for completion, your deposit retained and any updates or developments for the new tenancy we make you aware of.

If the tenancy is in a periodic, one months’ notice must be served on or before a rent due date.


If you do not wish to stay on at the property:

Once agreement is made with us on your leaving date at the end of your tenancy term, the property will be re-advertised and viewings completed where necessary. You will be notified of any viewing appointments made, this usually happens 6 weeks prior to the end of tenancy and is agreed by both parties in your Tenancy Agreement.

When your tenancy comes to an end the Landlord or BnR Property Services will conduct an inspection to ensure you have maintained it according to your tenancy agreement.  The tenant is quite welcome to attend the final inspection and will be notified of the appointment time and date.

Check your inventory and ensure all items are present in the property. Replace any missing items.

Checking Out

Once you have fully vacated the property and all keys have been received by us we will carry out the final inspection on the property.

Once the final inspection has been carried out you will receive a completed report on our findings. if there are any damages or faults, I.e. cleaning, gardening issues these will be reported and taken from the deposit return in accordance with the Deposit Protection Schemes strict process.

If there is any organising of works from the final inspection, you will be charged for this by BnR Property Services or the Landlord; this will be deducted from your deposit you would have received the relevant information and guidance for your deposit from the Deposit Protection Scheme at the start of your tenancy.

Please leave the property as it was given to you in a clean and tidy condition, in full working order To ensure a full return of your deposit is processed.


Please see the Checklist below to help you:

Thoroughly clean the entire property

  •  Clean down all skirting boards, architraves and doors
  •  Clean and polish all furniture inside and out
  •  Professionally clean curtains and re-hang curtains
  •  Clean all soft furnishings including cushions, rugs etc.
  •  Clean all carpets ensuring any stains are completely removed.
  •  Where present, chimneys have to be swept if they have been used
  •  Clean all walls and re-paint where necessary
  •  Clean thoroughly throughout ensure you include light shades, sockets, behind and above furniture and in all cupboards
  •  Clear ceilings of any cobwebs
  •  Clean wall tiles in the kitchen and bathroom
  •  Clean all kitchenware and leave on the worktop areas
  •  Defrost and clean fridge and freezer and ensure doors are left open
  •  Clean out dishwasher, washing machine and tumble drier
  •  Tidy up any exterior grounds including any yards, garden areas and outbuildings
  •  Mow areas laid to lawn, tidy borders and trim hedges and shrubs back
  •  Ensure garden refuge is cleared away and bins cleaned
  •  Sweep all paths and clean all garden furniture
  •  Take meter readings, notify service providers and finalise payments
  •  Re-direct your mail to your new address
  •  Terminate any deliveries arranged to the address


Return all keys and parking permits to the Landlord or BnR Property Services.


If a reference is required at the end of the tenancy for a further property you will be charged £24.00 inc VAT for this service.