Renting Private Landlord Advice

Renting Private Landlord Advice

BnR Property Services use our experience and knowledge to provide first class Renting Private Landlord Advice services. Whether this be Private, for Investment or Business Purposes.  Please read through our Renting Private Landlords Advice to let your property using our DIY Advertise Services, Tenant Finder Services, Rent Collection Services, Full Property Management Services.

Consent to Let Required

You are fully responsible for gaining written permission to let the property from:

  •  Mortgage Provider
  •  Building and Contents Insurer
  •  Head Lease


Any other parties involved with the property Permission must be obtained from all parties named on the title deeds.

We must be advised of any restrictions they wish you to adhere to when letting the property, failure to do this could result in penalties incurred by you as the Landlord


General Tax

You must inform the Inland Revenue that you are going to let out your property. Any rental income must be declared.


Overseas Landlords

You must contact the Inland Revenue (HMRC) and obtain a NRL1 certificate. Unless this is received by us the Managing Agent we are legally obliged to withhold a percentage of your rental income against all future tax liabilities.  For more tax advice please visit HMRC


Selling your property whilst tenanted

If you wish to sell the property whilst a tenant is in occupation, the relevant clause will be written into the Tenancy Agreement.

The following is a standard clause used:

  • The tenant must allow any professionals into the property for valuation and prospective purchasers during the last two months prior to the end of the tenancy.


Maintenance of property

During the Tenancy under Section 11 of the Housing Act you are responsible for:

  •  The maintenance and repair of the structure and main services
  •  Any appliances left in the property.  All repairs should be dealt with promptly.
  •  The Managing Agent reserves the right to act in an appropriate manner if an emergency occurs.


Redirect your mail

This can be done online or a form can be obtained at any Royal Mail post office.


Smoke Alarms

Please ensure smoke alarms are fitted and in full working order in accordance to legislation requirements at the start of the New Tenancy. This can save your property and lives.



All working chimneys must be swept prior to the let and on an Annual Basis ongoing.


Utility Transfer

We will read all meters before the new Tenant moves in.  It is your responsibility to: Advise ALL authorities and utility companies of your forwarding address and the final meter readings.


Council Tax

If the property is empty for any period, depending on the furnishings any payment due will be the responsibility of the Owner.  For further information on this please contact the Local Council Authority Council Tax Department.



Once the property is ready for letting and prior to the Tenant moving in with our Tenant Finder and Full Management Services  BNR Property Services will:

  • Prepare a full inventory of the schedule and condition of the property, photographic evidence is also taken to compile the report.

This will contain a full list of the contents with descriptions and their condition, colour, make and model etc.  Description of the style of the property including the external decoration and features included in the garden. An Honest and Unbiased report on the schedule of condition which may benefit a deposit claim.

This is a very important comprehensive report, the Tenant will sign to agree before moving into the property, to agree the schedule and condition.  Failure to provide a comprehensive Inventory may result in a loss to claim for any remedial work required at the end of the tenancy.

This service is not included for all our services offered.  But can be added as an additional service requirement if necessary.

BnR Property Services can provide all your Insurance needs specifically designed for your properties using our Insurance Professionals.

  • Buildings and contents
  • Theft and malicious damage by the tenant
  • Property owner’s liability
  • Accidental damage
  • Full cover whilst the property is empty


Your Tenants are responsible for arranging Insurance cover for their own contents only.  To obtain a very competitive quotation click on our Insurance header above or please contact us directly or call 01509 276535.

We select our tenants completing all relevant checks and referencing required.  We cannot be held responsible should the tenant incur:

  • Redundancy
  • Marital split
  • Financial difficulties though illness
  • Or any other unexpected event during the tenancy

Rental Protection Insurance will pay the Landlords rent until vacant possession is achieved and cover any legal expenses.  There is a limit on this policy but please contact us for further information.

We recommend that a carbon monoxide detector is in place at the property, and if missing at check out will be refunded from the tenants deposit.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be a fatal, leaks can start without anyone knowing.  Gas Safety Certificate will be in place BUT poisoning cannot be picked up WITHOUT A DETECTOR and this could lead to A FATALITY.

The Tenant is required to give one months rental payment to meet the deposit requirements normally prior to the commencement of the Tenancy Agreement.

The Deposit is transferred to one of the Government Schemes to ensure you as the Landlord are complying with the Law. Upon the tenant’s Vacating a final inspection is carried out. With all our fully managed properties and additional added services.  The Inventory completed at the start of the tenancy is referred to, in order to assess the return and completion of the tenants deposits.

Please visit for any further information on the relevant schemes.  We use to secure the tenancy deposit.

You are now required under legislation to have an EPC for the property to let, this is required before the property can be advertised.

We can arrange for an EPC to be completed for you, please click here to gain a very competitive quotation, service and appointment to suit you!


Gas Safe Registered Certificate

It is a legal requirement to have any gas provided to the property tested, this requires service appliances and flues to be tested Annually.  Upon being issued with the Gas Safe Certificate from a qualified Gas Safe Engineer this must be provided to the Tenant renting the property.


Furnished or Unfurnished

The Landlord is required to ensure suitable appliances are left for use and in good working order.  Curtains and Blinds must be provided for the tenants to have privacy at your property with a compliant cooker, suitable Fridge Freezer and Washing Machine.


Any content left in the property will be noted on the Inventory and checked upon property inspections, if the Full Management Service is undertaken or this is added as an additional service.


To ensure upon viewings when letting for the first time, we ask the property is clean and presentable.  A deep clean of the property including appliances is required and carried out.  We hold the evidence and supply this on the inventory asking the tenant to return the property as it was given to them.  First impressions last and encourage the Tenant to look after the property.  If there is a need to claim for cleaning at the end of the tenancy this can be achieved ready for the new Tenants to move in.

Please Contact us to arrange this for you.


Garden Maintenance Front and Back

Please ensure the garden has been left to let in a suitable condition, lawns mowed, borders weeded and pathed areas clean.  First impressions count on a viewing and tenants will then be asked to keep the garden in a presentable condition.

This will help to let your property and ensure the garden area and front area of the property is given back from the tenants as it was given to them.  If there is a requirement to claim at the end of the tenancy proof can be awarded to make a claim against the deposit.  This will also be noted on the Inventory supplied at the beginning of the tenancy.


Fire Alarm and Electrical Testing

Please ensure your property meets the current legislation if required.  Most Insurance Companies if a claim is submitted ask for proof of preventative measures.  We can arrange for the following to be completed and tested annually to ensure you meet requirements applicable:

  • Basic Wiring Check including up to six appliances
  • Full Wiring Installation Inspection (Niceic report tested every 5 years)
  • Appliance/Equipment Inspection Testing
  • Domestic Fire Alarm Testing including Battery Renewal per visit
  • Emergency Lighting Testing including Lamp Renewal per visit

We do ask that you consider the Full wiring inspection, so you have evidence and proof for Insurance purposes to be presented as a responsible Landlord for your own personal guarantee.  A Qualified Engineer will complete the above services we can arrange for this to be quoted for and completed.  Please Contact Us for further information if required.

Please also use the following links for safety guidance: or  for any further information.


Telephone Line and TV Ariel

To benefit the property in modern day society it is worth ensuring there is a Telephone Line accessible for the tenant and a suitable aerial provided which receives a good signal


Tenancy Agreement

A Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding agreement between a Landlord and Tenant that sets out both the legal, contractual responsibilities and obligations of the two parties.  It should be written in plain and intelligible British language.  Its terms and clauses should be fair and balanced, taking into account the respective positions of the parties.  Should not mislead about legal rights and responsibilities.

Landlords and Tenants should take care to individually negotiate any particular terms or conditions that are important to them, relevant to the let or the property.

The most common form of Tenancy Agreement used is an “Assured Shorthold” (AST) under the 1988 Housing Act, amended 1996.  This type of tenancy offers the most flexibility to both landlord and tenant; with straightforward notice procedures to bring the tenancy to an end and an Accelerated Possession court procedure should tenants fail to vacate the property.

If certain specific conditions are met relating to the proposed letting, a “contractual” non-housing act tenancy is created.  An example of this would be what is referred to if the annual rent equates to over £25,000.  Or a Company Let where the tenant is a bona fide registered company.  It is rarely known for a prospective tenant to be offered a full “Assured” tenancy that gives significant and potential long-term security of tenure to a Tenant and a Landlord can only gain possession in very limited circumstances.

BNR Property Services hopes the Renting Private Landlords Advice information has been informative and is used as guidance for your letting purposes.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.